Flexibility: What Are The Benefits? (1st part)

Each year at The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, we conduct research and explore key trends to understand how Canadians’ experiences in the workplace differ. This year we partnered with researchers at UBC to enhance and improve our report. As we prepared to conduct our 2022 research earlier this year, we wanted to analyze the workplace […]

The Culture Podcast with Ambrosia Vertesi

In this episode, we hear from Ambrosia Vertesi, Chief People Officer at Ironclad and Operating Partner of Operative Collective, shares valuable insights into Culture and its place within a company. She goes on to explain how to make relevant, meaningful connections and provide career opportunities for workers, with a focus on personal and professional growth. Ambrosia gives real-life examples and success stories in culture, she shares how to grow an exceptional workplace, as well as, how to promote employee engagement and retention.