Our Story

In 2021, The ReFrame Group launched The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, Report, and Certification. In 2021, research was conducted surveying more than 1000 Canadians to establish a national index aka benchmark of the average Canadians’ opinions about Workplace Culture. In August of 2021, The Canadian Workplace Culture Index began certifying organizations against our uniquely Canadian benchmark. Read the 2021 Canadian Workplace Culture Report here. Each year, at The Canadian Workplace Culture Index we conduct new research to re-establish our index and keep it as current as possible. 

Organizations certify for several reasons including upgrading their employer brand and workplace culture, improving recruitment and retention efforts, and showing the world that workplace culture is a priority. Canadian Workplace Culture Certification offers a less time consuming and higher return on investment than other services.

Organizations are measured using a conversational chat survey for employees that takes about 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion organizations receive reports, data, qualitative responses, scores against our national averages, and actionable insights into how to improve their workplace culture across six different workplace attributes: workplace satisfaction, company cares, diversity and inclusion, recognition and information, employee connection, and loyalty. 

We are guided by our core belief that exceptional organizational culture enriches the human experience on our mission to use research, best practices, and innovative technology to assess, enable, and amplify exceptional organizational culture. Learn more about our board of advisors.

We are happy to share more about how we got here and where we are going. Please get in touch with us. Email us directly info@cultureindex.io

The Back Story (2018-2020)

In 2018, the people and culture experts at Spark Creations set out to determine what a People-First organization is and how to build one. In their work consulting with leading organizations and individuals, they realized that creating a People-First organization isn’t easy – even for leaders at Canada’s most innovative organizations. It is challenging to maintain and sustain such a culture, especially in today’s complex world. The team published a report that included insights into how to develop a people-first organization in the 2020 BC Workplace Culture Report. 

In 2020, the Spark Creations team disbanded to lead great companies and build People-First organizations. They worked with long-time partner The ReFrame Group to pass on their work. The ReFrame Group had long shared their vision of People-First organizations and wanted to build on the great work of the original report to assess, enable, and amplify exceptional organizational culture. In 2021, The ReFrame Group launched The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, Report, and Certification.