The Index

Developed in partnership with researchers at the University of British Columbia, the index is a uniquely Canadian benchmark created from Canadians attitudes about workplace culture.

Human Resources Partnerships


The questionnaire was designed by leaders at The Canadian Workplace Culture Index and researchers at the University of British Columbia.


A factor analysis was performed to use the complex dataset to define the core variables to create the index once data was collected. Factor analysis is used to identify common variance amongst a set of observed variables (i.e., indicators), and creates a factor (i.e., index) comprised of that common variance.

The Sample

The sample used for the benchmark data is a nationally representative group of panelists from Pollfish. In February of 2022 over 2,000 Canadians with full time positions were included in the study. The sample was created using a balanced sample matrix of the Canadian population. 

A randomized sample of Pollfish members are then selected to match this matrix. In order to participate in the survey, these individuals must log in with their username and password confirming they are legitimate, unique individuals. The sample size was 2002 Canadians with results having a confidence level of 95% or repeatable 19 out of 20 times.

Each year the Canadian Workplace Culture Index is analyzed and anonymous data collected from participating organizations is used to update and improve our index. 

We expect this to increase the bar for certification with each passing year. We encourage anyone to contact with any questions, feedback, or inquiries to contact us directly at

Canadian Workplace Culture Certification

The Canadian Workplace Culture Certification collects employee experience data through an innovative and engaging conversational chat survey. After employees have provided feedback, your organization will receive a top-line report on the data, an executive summary report including analysis, and recommendations for strategic next steps to evolve your workplace culture. And, of course, a badge and guides for rolling out the survey and for promoting your certification.