The Canadian Workplace Culture Report

Every year at The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, we conduct research into Canadians’ opinions about Workplace Culture to establish our unique index. 

We are excited to be working on our our 2022 research report and look forward to providing you with the most up-to-date and valuable insights into the state of workplace culture in Canada. The complete 130+ page 2022 Canadian Workplace Culture Report is available for purchase here

Half of of Canadians say they’d leave their current role for the same one elsewhere for a 5% raise.

In February of 2022, we partnered with researchers at The University of British Columbia to gather feedback from more than 2000 Canadians to develop a representative sample of the Canadian population by location, age, gender, and ethnicity. For 2022, we doubled the size of our data set from 2021 and developed new indices for each province and three times more industries than in 2021. We defined new more detailed indices and deepened our focus on belonging, psychological safety, flexibility, and justice in a Canadian context.  The Canadian Workplace Culture Index is derived from the opinions of Canadians like you. 

Black Canadians were nearly five times more likely than Asian Canadians to report losing a job due to COVID.

In May 2021, we partnered with the Angus Reid Institute to bring together extensive data collection and in-depth analysis regarding how Canadians perceive their workplaces.  The Canadian Workplace Culture Index was derived from that data and is used to measure an organization’s workplace culture using the opinions of Canadians like you. Launched in the fall of 2021, The Canadian Workplace Culture Certification program will be publishing an annual report on the state of workplace culture in Canada. Review insights from our 2021 research here

Education level is the strongest predictor that a Canadian will report they have a positive workplace culture.

The 2020 Report - Where It All Started

The Canadian Workplace Culture Index stemmed from a need to measure, assess, and improve exceptional workplaces based on actual employee data. The Canadian Workplace Culture Index (CWCI) was inspired by the 2020 Workplace Culture Scan Report conducted by Spark Creations, a people and culture consultancy. Lorie Corcuera, a founder of Spark Creations, sits on the CWCI board of advisors. This in-depth report involved more 800 interviews with organizational leaders leading to the development of the 2020 report. The Canadian Workplace Culture Index and Certification programs were created with the 2020 report in mind. 

The 2020 report’s insightful and useful guides created a report that not only shared key insights and excellent organizational examples, but also laid out steps to evaluate and optimize organizational culture in a straight forward and valuable way. Contact us if you’d like a copy of the 2020 Workplace Culture Report.

Canadian Workplace Culture Certification

The Canadian Workplace Culture Certification collects employee experience data through an innovative and engaging conversational chat survey. After employees have provided feedback, your organization will receive a top-line report on the data, an executive summary report including analysis, and recommendations for strategic next steps to evolve your workplace culture. And, of course, a badge and guides for rolling out the survey and for promoting your certification.