Certify and Take Your Workplace Culture to the Next Level

Certification is quick, easy, and an incredible value. We designed the process to take no time while providing the best return on investment of any program like it by delivering:

  • A real-time report of your team’s anonymized responses
  • An executive report with comparisons to the national average
  • A custom actionable insights guide to improve workplace culture
  • Guides and templates for implementation and marketing
  • A certification badge for your exceptional workplace culture
We were really impressed with all of the reports and insights, as well as the press release and implementation guide to support the promotion of our certification.
Rebecca Chan, Watson Gloves
Director of Talent Strategy

Why Certify Your Workplace Culture with Us?

The Best Value

Every action an organization takes needs to provide a positive return on your time and costs. Certification and the reports, insights, and data that come from it are designed to provide a significantly positive return.

Time is Money

You and your team are busy and time is valuable. That is why we designed the certification process to take less than one hour for your internal team and 5-10 minutes to collect each employee’s response.

Data-Backed Strategy

Use the data and insights from certification to plan your people strategy and recruit and retain top talent. Demonstrate your people first philosophy and show the world your exceptional workplace culture.

At Popcorn, we're always thinking of ways of improving our culture. With Canadian Workplace Culture Index, there's finally a way for us to collect valuable feedback from our staff, and receive tangible insights and actionable recommendations that will help us to make our company an even better workplace
Dennis Pang, Popcorn
Principal & Agency Director

The Workplace Attributes

Workplace Satisfaction

Workplace Satisfaction is defined by how satisfied employees are with their job, their organization, and their workplace. Satisfied employees tend to work hard, stay longer, and will often accept less remuneration than the unsatisfied.

Information and Recognition

Information and Recognition includes employees’ feelings about whether they have the information they need to do their best work and if their hard work and successes are recognized by the organization.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is about capturing the uniqueness of the individual, creating an environment that values and respects individuals for their talents, skills, and abilities to the benefit of the collective.

Employee Connection

Employee Connection is determined by how employees’ feel about the connection they have in their workplace and with the community of people they work with or interact at work.

Company Cares

Company Cares represents whether an organization has known values, traditions, and programs that contribute to a strong culture. Employees feel that the company cares for their career growth and for them.


Loyalty is defined by employees’ willingness to stay with an organization rather than leave for slightly better compensation. A loyal employee always focused on the success of the company.

“It was easy and took no time. Our team enjoyed the quick conversational chat and for leadership the outputs provide a ton of insight and information on our workplace culture.”
Sarah Clark, Jelly Marketing
Sarah Clark, Jelly Marketing
Partner & Director of Operations and Personnel

Canadian Workplace Culture Certification

The Canadian Workplace Culture Certification collects employee experience data through an innovative and engaging employee chat survey. After employees have provided feedback, your organization will receive a top-line report on the data, an executive summary report including analysis, and actionable insights with strategic next steps to evolve your workplace culture. Certification includes a badge of certification to demonstrate your organization’s incredible certified workplace culture.

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