Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Workplace Culture.

Companies with strong culture generate up to 5x more revenue.
- The Promise and Problems of Organizational Culture: CEO Personality, Culture, and Firm Performance by Charles A. O’Reilly III, David F. Caldwell, Jennifer A. Chatman, and Bernadette Doerr
94% of job seekers are more likely to apply to companies that actively manage culture.
- Does Company Culture Pay Off? – Glassdoor
86% of people would not apply for or continue to work for a company that has a bad reputation.
- Your Best Employees Are Leaving. But Is It Personal Or Practical? – Randstad
92% of corporate executives believe that improving culture would increase company value.*
- J.R. Graham, C.R. Harvey, J. Popadek, et al., “Corporate Culture: Evidence From the Field”
Employees are 3x less likely to leave a company with strong culture.
- Does Company Culture Pay Off? – Glassdoor
85% of CEOs and CFOs believe that an unhealthy corporate culture leads to unethical behavior.
- J.R. Graham, C.R. Harvey, J. Popadek, et al., “Corporate Culture: Evidence From the Field”
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What We Do

The Canadian Workplace Culture Index (CWCI) is a uniquely Canadian benchmark designed for organizations to assess workplace culture based on industry and the size of the workforce. The CWCI publishes an annual report on the state of Canadian Workplace Culture.

The Canadian Workplace Culture Certification program uses the Index to certify Canadian organizations based on anonymous employee responses to a conversational chat survey.

The Canadian Workplace Culture Index is developed in partnership with researchers from The University of British Columbia, the leading Canadian, not-for-profit organization conducting research on issues that matter to Canadians.

An All-Inclusive Solution

Certification is quick and easy and delivers incomparable value. Register and share the fun conversational chat survey in a few minutes. Employees then spend 5 minutes providing their responses. Once responses are collected organizations receive:

  • An executive report with comparisons to the national and industry averages
  • An actionable insights report or roadmap to improve workplace culture
  • A badge and certification for your exceptional workplace culture
  • A live real-time view of aggregate responses
  • Employees text-based responses from qualitative questions

Save time with our guides and templates for implementation and to make the most of your organization’s certification.

What Is the Workplace Culture Index?


Our index measures Canadians' attitudes towards their workplace, workplace culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, and other focus areas. The index is developed in partnership with by our independent research partner: The University of British Columbia.


Designed for organizations to understand, improve, and optimize workplace culture, certification is achieved by exceeding our unique national workplace culture index. Certification is designed to take significantly less time and provide a better ROI than others.


We publish an annual workplace culture report outlining research results and major trends in Canadian workplace culture. The certification process provides organizations with a report on their workplace culture and how they compare to the national average.


Our partners are integral to our mission. We are proud to work with strategic partners who enable our organization’s success. We are excited to work with consulting partners who work with companies to improve their internal processes, culture, and brand. We are grateful to our champion partners who spread the word about our programs and pass along exclusive offers to their communities. 

Canadian Workplace Culture Certification

The Canadian Workplace Culture Certification collects anonymous employee experience data through an innovative and engaging employee chat survey. After employees have provided feedback, your organization will receive a top-line report on the data, an executive summary report including analysis, and recommendations for strategic next steps to evolve your workplace culture. And, for certified organizations, a badge.

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