Listen to Our Second Podcast! The Culture Interview with Cameron Uganec

This second podcast features Cameron Uganec, who recently joined Thinkific as General Manager Media. Previously with Later, Bench, and Hootsuite Cameron has led and grown some of the biggest tech organizations in Western Canada over the last ten years. Cameron Uganec shares: 

  • Valuable insights from his experience managing people as a strategic leader
  • Methods to develop a culture where people bring new ideas and take risks
  • Personal experiences in using creativity to promote a growth-oriented work
  • Insights to hiring people that fit together and set an exceptional culture
  • Recommendations to attracting and retaining the right people

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About The Canadian Workplace Culture Podcast

The Canadian Workplace Culture Podcast focuses on sharing insights for today’s people and culture leaders. This podcast features People and Culture Leaders, CEOs, HR professionals, and other leaders in discussions about recruitment, retention, total compensation, workplace culture, the latest people and culture trends, best practices in human capital management, personal stories, and more.  

The interview is hosted by Kemp Edmonds, the Managing Director at the Canadian Workplace Culture Index.

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