The Culture Interview with Agata Zasada, Head of People at Paystone

In this episode, we hear from Agata Zasada, Senior Vice President of People Experience at Paystone and Executive People Experience Leader. Agata Zasada shares valuable insights in relation to her experience in leadership, employee relations, strategy development, and execution. As she gives real-life examples of good and bad culture, she shares what exceptional workplace culture is and how to promote it as she has done when mentoring and driving organizational impact. This episode includes:

  • Best practices to develop a performance-oriented and engaging work environment
  • Valuable insights to create an exceptional workplace culture
  • Optimal versus poor workplace culture practices 
  • Recommendations from her experience as a mentor
  • Success stories working with diverse organizations

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About The Canadian Workplace Culture Podcast

The Canadian Workplace Culture Podcast focuses on sharing insights for today’s people and culture leaders. This podcast features People and Culture Leaders, CEOs, HR professionals, and other leaders in discussions about recruitment, retention, total compensation, workplace culture, the latest people and culture trends, best practices in human capital management, personal stories, and more.  

The interview is hosted by Kemp Edmonds, the Managing Director at the Canadian Workplace Culture Index.

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