UBC Researchers Partner with the CWCI


The Canadian Workplace Culture Index Partners with UBC Researchers – 

UBC researchers now lead annual research into Canadians’ opinions about workplace culture.


Vancouver, BC (April 19, 2022) – The Canadian Workplace Culture Index (CWCI) is releasing cutting-edge research into how Canadians of differing regions, ages, ethnicities, and industries experience workplace culture. The team will release the results and share insights at an event on April 26th. Individuals can register for the event here: https://bit.ly/2022CWCI


“We were interested in uncovering and understanding how different demographic groups in Canada view workplace culture. This research analyzed how gender, income, province, education, age, industry, children in the home, and ethnicity relates to Canadians’ views of workplace culture. The findings are surprising in a few ways,” said Dr. Taylor Wright, the study’s lead and a researcher at the University of British Columbia. “The biggest determinant, by far, of a positive view of workplace culture was level of education. Additionally, Older people are the most likely to move jobs for a pay increase, suggesting they are the group the most motivated by income. Opposite of the expected millennial/job hopper trend.”


“We are always looking for research projects that make a positive impact on Canadians and British Columbians. The opportunity to partner with the CWCI and uncover insights into how different Canadians view workplace culture was something that our team was excited to work on,” said educational psychologist Dr. Jaclyn Stewart, an analyst on the report and Associate Professor of Teaching with the University of British Columbia.


The CWCI conducted its annual research with UBC and will publish a thought-leading report on the state of workplace culture in Canada on April 26th. The research establishes benchmarks for Canadian workplace culture across 8 regions, 15 industries, and the nation. The CWCI is the only program of its kind that uses anonymous employee feedback to certify workplace culture against an index of Canadians’ attitudes on workplace culture.


“The opportunity to partner with researchers at UBC has made a significant impact on the quality and relevance of our research. The team at UBC did an incredible job of enhancing our annual research with their expertise,” says CWCI Founder and CEO Antonio Zivanovic.


For 2022, The Canadian Workplace Culture Report was upgraded by:

      Doubling the sample size of the dataset

      Tripling the number of industry indices from 5 to 15

      Adding 8 regional indices across Canada


The team will be releasing their research in late April as part of an event to share with the nation and the world what makes Canadian workplace culture uniquely Canadian and the trends that will help organizations retain and recruit the best people available. The team will announce the results in an April 26th event. Register for free here: https://bit.ly/2022CWCI


The CWCI provides employers data, reports, and insights into workplace culture and helps employers develop exceptional organizational cultures to recruit and retain top talent. Developed with the support of The ReFrame Group and research scientists from UBC, the CWCI launches its second annual research report at a time when Canadian employers from across industries are experiencing major labour shortages, dubbed by media, “The Great Resignation.”

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About The Canadian Workplace Culture Index

Founded in 2021 by The Reframe Group, the Canadian Workplace Culture Index (CWCI) is a uniquely Canadian benchmark of Canadians’ opinions about workplace culture. Using the Index, Canadian organizations can assess and certify their workplace culture and receive valuable reports, qualitative feedback, custom actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve their workplace culture across six distinct workplace attributes.
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