Labour and Business Trends to Prepare for 2022

The Canadian Workplace Culture Index team presents insights from their 2021 research into the opinions of Canadians about Workplace Culture. Insights include how COVID has impacted different groups of Canadians, how the attitudes of men and women differ, and the way different regions of Canada see workplace culture.

We then present major labour and business trends to prepare for 2022. Topics covered will include:

  • Managing multi-generational workforces
  • The great return or not: remote, hybrid, in-person
  • The new benefits and perks paradigm: it’s personal
  • Upskilling – power skills
  • Cybersecurity for remote workers
  • Employee wellbeing a top priority and more.

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Founded in 2021 by the Reframe Group and partner Angus Reid Institute, the Canadian Workplace Culture Index (CWCI) is a uniquely Canadian benchmark of Canadians’ opinions about workplace culture. 

Using the Index, Canadian organizations with 10 or more employees can assess and certify their workplace culture and receive valuable reports, qualitative feedback, custom actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve their workplace culture across six distinct workplace attributes: workplace satisfaction, company cares, diversity and inclusion, recognition and communications, employee connection and loyalty. 

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