Company Culture Begins During Recruiting and Onboarding 

In the current employment market, company culture is an important differentiator for organisations looking to recruit and retain top talent. While this fact is well known, employees continue to feel overlooked, unappreciated, unheard, or even bullied. Companies, particularly in the tech sector, who work to foster a positive company culture will reap the rewards, experiencing […]

The Culture Podcast with Humaira Ahmed

Learn from Humaira Ahmed, Founder, and CEO of Locelle, on how to create relevant, meaningful connections and professional development opportunities for employees, and why prioritizing their personal and professional growth is crucial for retention and growth.

Stories from the Frontlines: Innovation in Culture and Benefits

Watch the event recording to learn from Culture Leaders how to build an exceptional workplace culture. They share success stories and insights where organizations reimagine wellness benefits to enrich workplace culture and social connection and bring employees together.

The Culture Podcast with Agata Zasada

Learn from Agata Zasada, Senior Vice President of People Experience at Paystone and Executive People Experience Leader. Agata Zasada shares valuable insights in relation to her experience in leadership, employee relations, strategy development, and execution.

The Culture Podcast with Lorie Corcuera

Learn from Lorie Corcuera, a culture leader with over 20 years of experience in culture, leadership, organizational design, global workforce, diversity and inclusion, elevating workplace culture, and more.

2021 Canadian Workplace Culture Report

New research by the Canadian Workplace Culture Index and Angus Reid Institute, share shocking insights, the methodology used to collect data, and their findings on Canadians’ opinions of their workplace culture.

The Culture Podcast with Cameron Uganec

Get insights from Cameron Uganec on how to create an exceptional workplace culture that values new ideas and risk-taking. In this culture interview, learn how to create a strong organizational culture by attracting and retaining the right people.

The Culture Interview with Miranda Lievers

Miranda Lievers is an entrepreneur devoted to the intersection of small business and technology. As co-founder & COO of Thinkific, she’s helped over 50,000 business owners…

The Culture Podcast with Manu Varma

Learn from the culture interview with Manu Varma on methods and insights to create a growth-oriented environment, and to develop an exceptional workplace culture.

The Culture Interview with Darshan Kaler

Darshan Kaler is the co-founder and CEO of Tradable Bits since August 2010, with 10 years as tech partner with Spotify, Facebook, etc. The company is the only fan-based marketing platform to discover, personalize and maximize fan experiences for music, sports and entertainment industries. Tradable Bits platform is reshaping and delivering results 10x better than the […]

The Culture Interview with Noel Pullen

Noel Pullen helps technology startups scale. He works to drive broad organizational change that improved happiness, productivity, and the bottom line by building memorable cultures, open communication, and a data-driven way of working. Noel has been the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Commit – a company with the goal of being the professional network for […]

The Culture Interview with Luke Aulin

Kemp Edmonds interviews Luke Aulin, the Co-Founder and CEO of RTOWN – a company named one of the top 15 digital marketing companies in BC by BC Business Magazine.

CWCI Launch

Groundbreaking New CANADIAN WORKPLACE CULTURE INDEX Launches TODAY Canadian businesses can now compare how their culture stacks up against companies, at a time when the country is experiencing a major labour shortage. Vancouver, BC (September 29, 2021) – Canadian businesses can now assess workplace culture and compare how they stack up against some of the […]

The Culture Interview with Laura Larson

Kemp Edmonds interviews Laura Larson, a long time leader in marketing operations for news and media companies. She discusses the importance of bringing on successful new hires and the ongoing nature of developing culture in the workplace.

The Culture Interview with Leeann Froese

Leeann Froese Leeann Froese co-owns Town Hall Brands, a boutique marketing agency based in Vancouver BC, which specializes in food, drink, hospitality, and sports. Proud to be a connector, and a go-to person for those who need to know what is happening in BC’s wine industry; Leeann is often sought as a consultant, speaker, or panelist […]

The Culture Interview with Glenn Hilton

Glenn Hilton Over 20 years ago Glenn Hilton founded Drupal development house ImageX Media in Vancouver, BC. ImageX is now a full-service digital experience agency specializing in enterprise Drupal development with offices in Canada, Ukraine, and Brazil. Glenn is an open-source entrepreneur and the President and CEO at ImageX. How big is your team today? […]

The Culture Interview with Thera Martens

Thera Martens Thera Martens is a seasoned SaaS marketing leader with a proven track record; powered by data-driven strategies and out-of-the-box thinking. Her work is mission-oriented with a passion and focus on delivering measurable, scalable growth. Thera currently works as Vice President of Audience Marketing at Visier. As a change agent, mentor, and storyteller she’s […]

The Culture Interview with Jordan Behan

Jordan Behan A big thank you to Jordan Behan who is the first person to be interviewed as part of my organizational culture interview series. Jordan Behan is the creator of the Lean Marketing Playbook for Software as a Service — a program that helps early-stage software companies kickstart their growth with content marketing. He […]